CES 2014: More Ultra HDTVs, Wearable Tech, and 3D Printers to be Announced

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One of the biggest tech events is happening this week which means a very busy week for us. This year, it’s expected that wearable tech and 3D printing will reign and we’ll see about 75 to 150 UHDTV announcements. Smart TVs with higher resolution display will proliferate including new deals, hardware, and software as a result of developers and manufacturers joining forces. This is according CEA chief economost Shawn DuBravac during a pre-CES briefing.

More people are expected to switch to UHD with about 500K units of UHDTVs will be purchased this year. The number is a huge leap from the 60,000 set last year.

As for smartwatch and 3D printing, 1.5 million smartwatches and 99,000 3D printers are predicted to be sold this 2014. At CES this year, 7,000 square feet of space have been reserved for 3D printers alone.

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