CES 2014: Sharp Outs First WiSA-Compliant Universal Player

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Sharp Outs First WiSA-Compliant Universal Player

Over at CES, Sharp is showing off new TVs but today, a Universal Player has been showcased. It’s not your ordinary Blu-ray player as it plays media wirelessly and is WiSA-certified. Officially called as the SD-WH1000U, this media player can also play DVDs, SACDs, and CDs over your wireless network.

The Sharp SD-WH1000U also features three USB 3.0 ports. This Universal Player is the first to support the WiSA open standard and it’s expected that other brands will soon follow with their own versions. With this development, we’re seeing a future of cordless media players that can still display high-quality content even up to 1080p.

It’s a nice product alright but it will set you back for $4,000. Expensive but it’s the first in the market today.

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