Beware of Facebook Videos and Mobile Bandwidth

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You know how videos have started automatically playing in your browser when you’re on Facebook? Well, beware when you’re checking Facebook on your mobile device because you might be using cellular data to play those videos.

The Guardian ran a story about this just before Christmas, and I hope none of our readers were caught by it over the holidays as you were updating and checking Facebook to keep up with family and friend activities.

According to the article:

The ads won’t be downloaded on mobile – “for now”, says Facebook; they’ll be downloaded while you’re on Wi-Fi. (It’s not clear how long “for now” will last.)

But other videos that people have posted to your News Feed will download wherever you are unless you block them in your settings.

Fortunately, it’s easy enough to change your settings to only allow videos to download and play while on WiFi.

On Android, the Facebook settings screen is accessible from within the app itself, and you just check the box I’ve highlighted.

Facebook Videos and Mobile Bandwidth

On iOS, the Facebook Settings are found at Settings–>Facebook–>Settings. As with Android, select the highlighted option:

Facebook Settings-iOS

There. That should keep your mobile data from suddenly going sky-high and leading to unexpected charges.

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