CES 2014: Samsung Introduced New Tablets and World’s First Curved Ultra HD TV

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Well Samsung had one of the most exciting press conferences at CES 2014. I’m talking people were clinging to the walls in order to get a sneak peak at all the new products. I even had to stand! I know! First world problems.


One of the most exciting things we saw was the expansion of Samsung’s Ultra HD display line. The company showed us the massive 105-inch curved Ultra HD display and announced plans for the 55-inch, 65-inch and 78-inch curved UHD sets. However, there are no set price points yet. But leave me tell you, these displays were pretty amazing.


Joe Stinziano, Samsung’s Executive TV, said “Ultra HD is going to drive the next change in the TV industry.” And it seems like Samsung is living up to that judging by their CES 2014 press conference.

But the displays are not Samsung’s only new innovations for Ultra HD. The company will also add Ultra HD content through its smart hub including Amazon, M-Go, Netflix, Comcast and DirecTV. Here’s the cool part, the Smart Hub interfaces lets users split the screen into four different quadrant. For Baxter, this will enable users to multitask like never before.

The company also announced plans to add streaming Ultra HD content through its Smart Hub; partners include Amazon, M-GO, Netflix, Comcast and DirecTV.

On the curved UHD sets, the company’s new Smart Hub interface lets you split the screen into four different quadrants, with Web content and related YouTube videos among the multiscreen options. The multiview feature “really plays off the fact that consumers are multitasking,” said Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America’s consumer electronics division.


Nanda Ramachandran, Vice President of Samsung Telecommunications America, announced the new Samsung tablets. These are entitled the Pro-Devices such as the Tab-Pro and the Note Pro which includes the innovative S-pad. These new tablets feature 4 million pixel WQXGA 2560 x 1600. And Magazine UX brings all your apps together in one role. The new tablets also involve Multi Window which enables users to open 4 windows at once.

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