Asus Makes PadFone X for AT&T and Tweaked PadFone Mini Official at CES 2014

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Asus PadFone XThe recent rumors were spot-on, ladies and gents, and, as hard as it was to believe not long ago that Asus PadFones will ever make waves stateside, two such models especially designed for America have broken cover in Las Vegas, at CES 2014.

First, the PadFone X is headed for AT&T at some point in the following months with pricing, both subsidized and contract-free, yet to be announced. That’s vague and not at all enlightening, however it’s still a huge step in the right direction for a line of gizmos which, put simply, never had a future.

Secrecy hovers around PadFone X’s spec sheet like an ominous eagle, though a few details are nevertheless clear: LTE-Advanced support, Voice over LTE, 5-inch diagonal for the phone part of the hybrid and a 9 to 10-inch body for the tablet docking station. Oh, yeah, Android 4.4 KitKat, Snapdragon 800 power and Full HD resolution as well.

Meanwhile, the PadFone Mini is not expected on any major American networks with pacts, but since it’s destined to cost a measly $250 outright, its purchase shouldn’t be an issue. Interestingly, this doesn’t appear to be the same PadFone Mini announced last month, as it considerably lowers the performance ante.

You now get a tinier 4-inch handheld capable of morphing into a 7-inch slate, plus when used as a phone, the smallest PadFone to date only offers 800 x 480 pixels resolution, 8 GB of built-in storage and dual-core 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2560 speed. Any takers?

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