Confirmed: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile Scoring LG G Flex ‘During Q1′

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LG G FlexLG’s imminent G Flex Western push was hardly a secret following several accidental spills of information, but it’s sure nice to hear something directly from the horse’s mouth to put all speculation to rest.

One of two road-opening curved display smartphones to break cover last fall is to take Europe by storm in mere weeks, plus roll out on three of America’s four major wireless networks by the end of Q1 2014.

That’s still kind of a vague timeline, however if you think about it March 31 is not so far down the road. Besides, it’s the final deadline, and there’s no reason not to hope the G Flex will start selling, say, in February.

As for the names of the three carriers, they’re, surprise surprise, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. No Verizon? Nope, sorry, Big Red doesn’t gamble or experiment on pioneers of this kind. They like sure bets, which is a strategy that may come back to bite them on the ass one of these days.

The key part of the equation – pricing – remains hush-hush, which is never a good sign. Especially when dealing with a massive 6-incher that sells for roughly $900 SIM-free in markets such as Korea. Here’s hoping the Ma Bell – Now Network – Magenta trinity will find a way to keep things modest in the billing department.

Via [PR Newswire]

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