Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro Pricing Structure Revealed

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Galaxy Note Pro Tab ProAs is often the case with fresh Samsung Galaxy gizmos, the Tab Pro series and Note Pro 12.2 were unveiled and demoed in Las Vegas at CES 2014 sans any precise pricing details. Luckily, it appears the resourceful folks over at Sam Mobile managed to procure them in swift fashion, tweeting the info for the whole world to see.

Since there’s nothing low-end about the Android-running quartet, the words “low-cost” were always unlikely to come up when talking of them. And worry not, they won’t.

The cheapest slab of silicon, the Wi-Fi only GTab Pro 8.4 edition, is reportedly to cost €389 in Europe, which should convert to roughly $390 stateside. Quite a little ways north of Note 8.0’s price tag for instance ($330), but hey, the smallest next-gen Galaxy Tab may lack S Pen support, however it crams an unbelievable number of pixels in such a tiny display.

Adding LTE in the equation will raise the ante to €519 ($519), the 10.1-inch model is valued at €479 and €609 in Wi-Fi and 4G flavors respectively, whereas a comfy 12.2-inch panel comes at a price of €649 and €749.

Oddly, the extra productivity of the Note Pro 12.2 seems to be worth nothing in Sammy’s eyes, as the S Pen-toting counterpart of the Tab Pro 12.2 shall start at €749 and go for €849 when LTE-enabled. Huh, go figure.

Via [Phone Arena] and [Sam Mobile]

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