CES 2014: Samsung Shows Off 98-inch 8K TV

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CES samsung 98 inch 8k tv

At the CES this year, more Ultra HDs are being revealed. But for Samsung, it has showed us something with a higher 8K display. The first 8K TV by Samsung is now at the company’s CES booth labeled as Quad Ultra HD. It’s not the first in the world but the second after Sharp’s 8K Super Hi-Vision offering that boasts of a 7680 x 4320 pixel resolution.

The Samsung 98-inch 8K TV is expected to give a ‘wow’ factor but is not as a crowd drawer. I appreciate Samsung for the 8K resolution but honestly, can ordinary men see the difference? I mean, HDTV is good enough for me. There’s 4K already but I can’t really see if it’s clearer. How about you?

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