CES 2014: Klipsch Status, Ears-On

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klipsch statusNot too long ago, Klipsch announced their new, top-end set of headphones. I originally intended to do a quick listen and move on. But the Status kept me pinned, listening to track after track for over 15 minutes. That’s a good chunk of time to me, standing in one spot.

Right from the start, these headphones are comfy and light. The ear cups have great movement to them. Once you put them on and wiggle-adjust some, you get a perfect fit. It feels like a pair that can be worn for extended periods of time.
klipsch statusThe audio sounds all there. Within that short timeframe, I could hear a full midrange that’s loaded with energy. Lots of detail too. The lows are lush, yet controlled and balanced.
The Klipsch Status folds down compact, and the hinges are solid, delivering a formal click when opened or closed. These are designed to last. Although the band is made of plastic, it can handle almost any twisting or punishment you can throw at it.

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