JUMP Cable Leaps Ahead of Typical Battery Packs

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I had been meaning to get this post out the day of the launch, but the lead-up to CES 2014 put a damper on things for me. So far, it appears that the JUMP charger Kickstarter project has been pushing on strong!

While attending CES 2014 for the entire week, I noticed that I didn’t have to walk far in order to pass by yet another booth with a lineup of external battery packs. Big. Small. Tons of colors. You name it.

Jump charge cable battery wallWhat’s different about JUMP is that it’s not any ordinary battery pack. It’s a cable first and a battery pack second, integrated as a single unit. As you can see from the photos, the cable ends unwind from around the battery when you need to use it for charging or data transferring.

Once you’re done, wind it back up and the ends click right in place securely. Other battery banks come with cables, but most all of them have it separate instead of all in one piece. It’s not always convenient to have multiple parts to a single solution.

JUMP features some unique technology that sets it apart from other battery packs. While you’re using the cable to charge, the circuitry detects when your smartphone is full. Once the phone is topped off, JUMP automatically starts charging its own battery. You’ll never have to worry about remembering to charge an external battery again.

The JUMP is an ideal solution for those who want to carry less yet still have emergency power at their disposal. While 800mAh doesn’t sound like much, it’s more than sufficient to keep a smartphone up for a couple of more hours for critical calls, emails, or web use.

Check out the JUMP Kickstarter page. It’s more than doubled it’s goal with over a month to go. I believe this product can certainly be a winner of the Red Dot Design Awards.

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