Sony Confirms Windows Phone ‘Exploration’, Vaio Handheld Landing This Year?

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sony_windows_phoneAside from looking to strengthen its ties with Nokia to the point of full control, Microsoft has been actively scouting new partners for the yet-to-break-into-the-mainstream Windows Phone project for several years now.

Among the toughest to convince smartphone OEMs in joining the “dark side” and ditch Google’s Android, Sony has definitely taken its sweet time to consider the venture, though at least the Japanese are now ready to confirm ongoing negotiations.

According to the multinational corporation’s mobile European head honcho Pierre Perron, “We don’t want to be a single OS manufacturer”, so “we are continuing our discussions with other partners, including Microsoft”. Note that Sony is not even contemplating the total abandonment of Android, instead exploring more routes to stay on top of a prospective OS popularity shift.

Again, WP is a mere blip on the radars of iOS and Android, the top dogs of the mobile ecosystem, however the platform appears to be on the rise. Plus, the sky is the limit to its potential if Redmond continues to offer complete financial support. Which seems to be the case, at least for a little while longer.

Sadly, Perron suggested in his discussion with TechRadar the Sony-MS talks are still “tentative”, meaning if they’ll finally clinch the deal, the earliest we can hope to see a Vaio-branded handheld with pre-loaded Windows Phone 8.1 (or 9) is next fall. Emphasis on “earliest”.

Via [Tech Radar]

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