More Android Users Getting a Taste of Jelly Bean, Now on 59.1% of All Android Devices

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Knowing how the Android mobile platform is doing is quite important. Google’s mobile OS is king, beating the iOS, but you have to understand there really are more Android versions to choose from. The latest of which is the KitKat (being tasted by a few handsets already). Number for Gingerbread users went down while Jelly Bean captured almost 60 percent of the whole Android market last December.

Google shares Jelly Bean is now on 59.1 percent of all the Android devices. Gingerbread still follows behind but number is decreasing. As for KitKat, it’s now on 1.4% of Android devices.

Data is from the Google Play Store app. We’re bound to see KitKat’s number going up in a few months since a lot of phone manufacturers are already rolling out KitKat update for their phones.

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