CES 2014 Spotlight: Netatmo Brings the Wearable Tech with June

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I wanted to say Netatmo brings the heat with June, but seeing as June is a wearable tech device designed to protect its users from the sun’s rays, I figured the title I chose was more appropriate. Did you enjoy that long-winded intro? You’re welcome.

Out of all the wearable tech devices I saw at CES 2014, Netatmo’s beautiful June device was one of my favorites. And I’m talking smartwatches, heart monitors and all that jazz.


So what is June exactly? Glad you asked, invisible reader in my head with Peter Griffin’s voice.

June from Netatmo is this beautiful, wearable bracelet that contains at its center a shiny, diamond-looking gem. So, it’s already got my attention. But the awesome thing about June is that it’s meant to be worn to protect you against the sun’s harmful rays. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t create some magical forcefield that keeps you from turning into a tomato while on your Hawaiian vacation. Been there, done that. Ouch. Instead, June allows users to measure sun intensity in real time as well as monitor total daily sun exposure.

Thus, you can avoid sun damage and prevent premature wrinkles. And who doesn’t like that?

June also works with an app on your phone to give you personalized sun protection advice based on your habits and skin type. For example, I am as pale as Casper so June would probably give me about five minutes in the sun before it warns me that SPF would be a good idea. That’s the other great thing about June: it notifies you when you need to apply SPF, wear a hat or apply sunscreen.


The bracelet comes in three colors: platinum, gold or gunmetal. It can also be worn as a brooch. Honestly, I would wear this just because I think it’s a pretty bracelet, and the health benefits speak for themselves.

Learn more about the June here.

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