LG G Flex Up for Pre-Orders on British Shores, Nokia Lumia 1320 Also Coming ‘Soon’

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LG G FlexQuick heads up for all you Brits expecting two of today’s hottest smartphones to debut: the curved display-toting LG G Flex is up for pre-orders and Nokia’s mid-end, low-cost Lumia 1320 phablet should follow suit in a few weeks’ time.

The former, up for grabs so far just in Korea and a couple of other Asian markets, but expected stateside on three of the nation’s big four carriers by April, can be had for £689.99 ($1,131) in an unlocked, SIM-free flavor via Expansys.

Too damn expensive? I can’t say I disagree, but your only other option is score it through Carphone Warehouse with O2 contracts for £49 with £57 monthly plans, on EE for £99 upfront and an additional £75 a month, or T-Mobile at £199 in advance, plus £43 every 30 days.

Quite a pretty penny across the board, and mind you, aside from the somewhat gimmicky elliptical screen, the G Flex has little on competing heavyweights, most of which go for at least $200 less. Sure, the self-healing back coating is extremely neat, but are you really ready to cough up north of a gee on a 6-incher with 720p resolution?

If not, then maybe the equally as humongous Lumia 1320 will strike your fancy. Still lacking an official price point, the Windows Phone-running 6-incher can’t cost more than $650 in the UK, packing decent punch courtesy of a dual-core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S4 SoC and 1 GB RAM. At the moment, it’s listed as “coming soon” on Nokia’s local website, with more details however imminent.

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