HP Slate 6 Voice Tab Expected to Cost $200 Off-Contract, Debut Next Week

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hp-slate-6-voice-tabRumors of HP looking to get back in the smartphone business after a three-year hiatus have been floating around for months now, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise they’re today getting a boost, courtesy of gossip gathered from at least two different sources.

On the one hand, 9To5Google, which isn’t exactly known for screaming smoke when there’s no fire, claims the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab may go official as early as next week. The online publication has no deep knowledge of the thing’s specs and features, however their informers are pretty sure the 6-incher is to cost $200 outright and settle for a 720p display as Full HD would not be cost-effective.

Meanwhile, Phone Arena adds its own intel to the mix, unearthing a purported photo of the device (so tiny and blurry it’s not to be taken too seriously), and filling some of the spec sheet’s blanks with a “basic” quad-core 1 GHz Marvell CPU and dual SIM support.

Then again, the processor’s make and clock speed were public knowledge ever since the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab got benchmarked, possibly in a pre-release, early prototype form. Pre-loaded Android 4.2 Jelly Bean was also listed by GFX Bench, though in the meantime HP could have bumped that up one or two generations.

Via [9To5Google], [Phone Arena]

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