ZEROHOUR Tactical Flashlight: Hands-On From CES 2014

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I remember seeing the ZEROHOUR Tactical Battery Backup Flashlight launch on Kickstarter not too long ago. Sadly, I forgot to follow up and write a post. But the good news is that I got to stop by the booth while at CES, and I chatted it up with the team and got some hands-on with this beautiful beast of a device.

Zerohour Tactical Flashlight CES 2014 03

The ports on the bottom can be covered or uncovered

For those of you who haven’t heard of ZEROHOUR, but maybe have glanced at the photos before reading this far into my text, don’t get too excited yet.

Their Kickstarter campaign ended on the 23rd of December, so they’re now into the production and delivery stage. You’ll have to wait (like me) until all the backers are good and happy before purchase options open up.

But at least I got to handle it first!

Mentally, it’s easy to understand that 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum is lightweight. But it doesn’t quite sink in until you’re actually holding it and mentally considering the weight versus the bulk. It’s a surprise – almost a wonder – that you can swing this around with wild abandon without much effort at all.

The length of the ZEROHOUR flashlight feels just right. How do I know? Because the weight was balanced and it wouldn’t have taken much imagination to pretend I was swinging some beefy lightsaber hilt.

Zerohour Tactical Flashlight CES 2014 01

Top end of the ZEROHOUR flashlight

Even though the unit I was handling was not a production model, it was still built very well. I paid close attention to the threads and moving parts, all of which felt smooth.

The team has a lot of passion for the ZEROHOUR Tactical Battery Backup Flashlight. They were excited to show (and tell, but mostly show) me the Cree bulb and Panasonic batteries. They mentioned Sanyo as well, but the unit I was holding had only Panasonic batteries.

The modular system is genius and has quite the potential for performing multiple functions or roles – more than it does now. They’re open to ideas and suggestions, so if you have one let them know!

Zerohour Tactical Flashlight CES 2014 02

It stings to get hit with this!

As I looked over the caps and bezels, I commented on the lack of a camouflage design. I mean, if you’re going to use the word “tactical”, you gotta have some camo as an option somewhere, right? They made a note of it, and then I was asked for more ideas.

If you’re currently a backer of the ZEROHOUR Tactical Battery Backup Flashlight, understand this: Kickstarter projects have a tendency to slip, and ZEROHOUR may or may not be any different.

So if you’re starting to worry or freak out months from now, because (if) the ship date has passed and/or the team hasn’t been posting updates quickly enough, relax. The product is solid, and any added delay means they chose not to sacrifice on quality.

Check out the video below to see the Cree bulb in action. It was already pretty bright in the room, so you can see the power of a Cree bulb.

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