Sony Xperia E1 and T2 Ultra European Prices Revealed: Starting at $175 and $545

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Sony Xperia T2 Ultra E1They’re targeted at emerging markets, don’t intend to break any speed records and should go on sale “soon” at “sensible” price points. That’s basically what Sony cryptically revealed about the fresh Xperia T2 Ultra and E1 handhelds when making them official (well, that and their full spec sheets), with most of the blanks filled in by reputable sources close to Xperia Blog in the meantime.

According to insiders, the obscenely large, but still somewhat sleek T2 Ultra is to cost €399 in Europe, which works out to roughly $545 when converted in friendlier currency for most of our readers. That’s the off-contract RRP (recommended retail price), so technically third-party retailers can choose to lower the bar.

Then there are subsidies to take the edge off, so ultimately you’ll probably be able to score the 720p 6-incher for no upfront payment in markets like the UK. Across the pond, the odds of the T2 Ultra ever seeing daylight remain slim, although with a nice price shave to, say, $350 or so, big waves would be made.

Meanwhile, the much more modest E1 is to be ultimately valued significantly lower than what Sony initially suggested, at €129 ($175) in Belgium, €139 ($190) in the Netherlands, and €149 ($200) in Germany. On British shores? No idea, but I’d expect something along Deutschland’s lines. Maybe even north of 200 clams.

Stateside though, if the Xperia E1 is headed that way, it shouldn’t cost a penny over $150. Um, I think I’ll take half a dozen in that case.

Via [Xperia Blog]

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