Geeksphone Working on Blackphone, Security and Privacy-focused Smartphone

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Geeksphone Working on Blackphone

Geeksphone is a real company. It’s a Spanish manufacturer that’s taking advantage of Mozilla’s Firefox OS. Middle of last year, we saw the Firefox OS-powered Peak+ phone. Its phones may not be as popular but since it will show off something new at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, we might as well look into the Blackphone.

The Blackphone is the first smartphone that’s focused on security and privacy. Sure, we’ve seen a number of secure phones already but this one runs Firefox OS and comes equipped with a powerful chip. It will work with any GSM network but cannot be easily located thanks to geographical restrictions.

Geeksphone said that it will feature “PrivatOS” that will allow private web browsing through anonymous VPN. You can also make secure phone calls and text messages with the Blackphone.

Not much details have been revealed but pre-order will commence in February. We’re interested to know how this will fare against the Knox service of Samsung and BlackBerry’s encryption feature.

Does a “private” phone like the Blackphone interest you? Let us know in the comments section.

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