Samsung Working on a Windows Phone 8 Device?

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Windows Phone 8 is far from being a significant player in the mobile industry. More people go for Android or iOS and only a few favor Windows Phone. Maybe because there are not much choices available. But if Samsung will release a Windows Phone 8 device, we might see an interesting development.

Nokia is the top Windows Phone manufacturer today. If Samsung enters the game, the Finnish phone manufacturer might have another problem. We’ve been hearing about a Samsung SM-W750V shipping with Windows Phone 8.

The said Samsung Windows Phone is believed to have a 5-inch screen. The phone will have Internet EXplorer, LTE, and 1920 x 1080 resolution. I may not be a Windows Phone 8 believer but I’m interested how Samsung can do wonders for Microsoft’s mobile OS. We’ll see.

< Source: WPCentral >

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