Beluvv launches “Puppy” – a wearable device for your pet

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You might remember Beluvv from their previous product, Guardian, a wearable device to protect your child from wandering. Now, they’ve brought their protective product to your furry friends with “Puppy,” a wearable device designed to keep pets from getting lost as they roam freely.


You might say, “Well Hannah, there’s already pet trackers out there. Why are you always so behind?” You sound like my mother! However, the Puppy is different from all these devices because it notifies pet owners of their pets’ movements before the pet can get lost. The other devices can only help once the pet is already lost. Why spend hours anxiously looking for Fido when you can avoid the distraught altogether? The Puppy does this by tracking your pets before they are missing using a small, BLE-enabled pet collar pouch that works alongside the owner’s smartphone app.

You can pre-order the Puppy now on Beluvv’s website and you can check out the video below to learn more:

If you’re like me and you’ve spent numerous occasions worriedly searching for your scruffy dog while she was probably having the time of her life, then you understand how awesome the Puppy can be. Would you purchase this for your pet?

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