European Retailers Confirm Unannounced Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite/Neo

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Galaxy Note 3 NeoNot that we needed additional confirmation Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 Neo (aka Lite) is indeed real and landing in time for the cherry blossoms, but several European retailers have listed it online, with ETAs set between early February and mid-March.

The timing of the commercial launch, as well as pricing, are pretty much the only Note 3 Neo details left up in the air, though if we were to trust these early sellers, the mid-range 5.55-incher could cost as much as €560 ($760).

But that’s not possible. It’s simply not, as it would essentially put the Neo on par with the original [easyazon-link asin=”B00F2SKPIM” locale=”us”]Note 3[/easyazon-link]. Meanwhile, the processing power bar should be slightly lowered, thanks to a “true” hexa-core Exynos CPU (the world’s first), the 3 GB RAM will be shrunk to just 2, and you’ll lose quite a lot in the pixel density department (720p resolution tipped for the Neo vs. 1,080p on the Note 3). Also, the 13 MP rear-facing camera shall be swapped for a more modest 8 MP snapper.

So how much should Samsung charge for the Note 3 Neo? Let’s say $500, $550 tops. $450 would be tremendous, but it’s unlikely.

As for timelines, regardless of what any obscure online retailer looking for free publicity says, I doubt the big guy will break cover before MWC, in late February. So, you know, expect it in stores in March, at the earliest.

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