Rand Paul Makes Snapchat Debut with a Butt Joke

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Is nothing sacred? Not even Snapchat is safe from politics. I thought Snapchat was a safe place where people could send “appropriate” photos without the risk of their personal files being stolen. What’s that? Snapchat was hacked last week?



Well, there’s even more Snapchat news this week, although this tidbit is more ridiculous than anything else. Apparently, GOP Senator Rand Paul felt that the kids over on Snapchat could really use some of his 10 second snaps, so he joined the social network. The senator has a very large following on Facebook with 1.6 million fans, and he was inspired by younger constituents to take his social game to the next level.

Thus, I introduce to you Senator Rand Paul’s very creative Snapchat handle, SenatorRandPaul. He really took the time to think about that one.

Rand Paul Snapchat

Paul’s spokesman, Sergio Gor, said, “Senator Paul always looks for a way to engage Americans of all ages. Snapchat will allow everyone to follow the senator as he travels around the nation and spreads the message of liberty.”

The senator’s first snapchat was a video welcoming his new followers, but it was the second snap that took the cake.

A joke that references the NSA and a butt! Brilliant, senator! I think you’ll fit in just fine on Snapchat.

So, how much longer before politicians completely ruin Snapchat? I’m taking bets.

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