AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Jumps On The Android 4.3 Bandwagon

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Samsung-Galaxy-S4-ActiveWhoa, look at Samsung go in the software updating arena. Almost uncharacteristically so, the Koreans are supplying swift support for a bunch of high-end Galaxy devices, including the Note 3, bumped up as we speak to Android 4.4 KitKat, and S4 Active, ready to take things to the… previous level.

As in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Which is not as smooth and tasty as KitKat, but close enough. Truly the next best thing. AT&T, the sole US carrier to offer the rugged big guy with subsidies, has made the update official a couple of days ago, and, according to numerous online reports, it’s slowly but steadily making its way to users.

Weighing in at a hefty 721 MB, the package can be scored OTA (over-the-air), via Wi-Fi only, adding compatibility to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the mix, as well as a slate of fresh new bloatware carrier-specific apps, bug fixes and uninstall via drag and drop functions.

Next up, Android 4.4? You bet, though I’m afraid I don’t have any sort of timetable. Not an official one, at least, as word around the block has the S4 Active due for a KitKat makeover before April. May, at the latest.

Mind you, those on the fence about buying the 5-incher should absolutely not deal directly with AT&T for purchases, but instead go through Amazon. The online retailer charges a penny for the phone with new contracts ($49.99 for upgrading customers), while Ma Bell still has it at $199.99.

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