3D printing is amazeballs: Hershey kisses, Photoshop, Russian supermarkets, major UK investment, safety first, kid stuff

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What’s going on today in the world of 3D printing? We’re glad you asked.

hershey-bars-milk-chocolate_lgHershey kisses 3D Systems. 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems announced a deal with candy maker Hershey on “a multi-year joint development agreement… to explore and develop innovative opportunities for using 3D printing technology in creating edible foods, including confectionery treats.” Yum! Can a Hershey 3D candy printing kit for your home be far behind?

Welcome aboard, Photoshop! The latest Adobe Photoshop update, Photoshop Creative Cloud, supports 3D printing. Maybe now you can touch up those chubby 3D designs.

Jolly good! The UK is creating a $49 million national center (sorry, centre) for 3D printing.

Angad Daryani (Image via IEEE)

Angad Daryani (Image via IEEE)

15-year-old maker wins on TEDx. Young Angad Daryani likes to make things. And now he’s told hundreds of thousands of people about it. Join their ranks!

Get a 3D printer while shopping for shchi ingredients. A Moscow supermarket chain is now selling 3D printers and cartridges.

Get in tune. How about a 3D-printed music box that plays songs you write? Music Drop makes it happen.

Be 3D careful. Is 3D printing safe?

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