Kickstand-Included Lenovo Yoga 8 Drops to $200 in 32 GB Flavor via

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Lenovo-Yoga-8Missed Newegg’s awesome deal from last month bringing Lenovo Yoga 10’s price down to just $225? Maybe hesitated to take advantage as the 10-incher looked a little bulky? Then rejoice, dear readers, as Lenovo now offers the little brother, the Yoga 8, for a measly $200, packed with 32 GB of storage space.

Mind you, there’s also a complimentary microSD card slot, so if you feel like going nuts, the 32 gigs can be expanded with an additional 64. Laptops? Pff, who needs them anymore?

Granted, the Yoga 8 has no physical keyboard, so it’s not ideal from a productivity standpoint. However, its built-in kickstand puts it miles ahead of traditional slates in functionality, allowing you to use it in hold, tilt and stand modes.

Back to the actual promotion, what you have to do if the Yoga 8 tickles your fancy is swing by, hit “add to cart”, then choose warranty, accessories and so on, and, before checking out, be sure to paste the following code in the “eCoupon” box: USPYT861116.

This is vital, as if you by chance forget or neglect the coupon code, you’ll end up paying $300. Which is pretty fair, but not the bargain you came here for.

Via [Lenovo]

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