HTC One Follow-Up Allegedly Due in March with Twin-Sensor Rear Camera

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htc-oneIt sometimes pays off to have low expectations of certain companies or devices, as even the darkest horses can surprise and astonish. And when they do, beware all you fan favorites, as everyone likes a good underdog story.

Enter HTC, once king of the mobile realm, now a genuine Cinderella, crippled by brand dilution, unnecessarily rich families of phones, delays, production hiccups and crappy software support.

After failing to capitalize on the sensational-looking One, which ended up a box-office flop, and clumsily tackling the growing phablet niche with an overpriced, underwhelming One Max, nobody really believed in M8’s potential.

And the first rumors painted the “One Plus” a far from flattering picture, as it barely fit the profile of a Galaxy S4 rival when its main target should be the imminent S5. But then much more encouraging reports started coming in, one after the other, and the latest is from a rock-solid source.

Probably the most trustworthy in the industry: Bloomberg. Their insiders tell the news agency the One sequel is to land in March, sport a screen of at least 5 inches, Qualcomm’s “later” Snapdragon processor and, get this, a twin-sensor rear camera.

What does that last part do exactly? To be frank, I’m not sure, but apparently the technology can help improve focus, depth of field and image quality overall. Remember what everyone’s complaint about the One was? Mediocre UltraPixel snapper, exactly.

Meanwhile, we’re not sure what to make of the “later” Snapdragon CPU. Is it the 800 or 805? Let’s wait and see, but not write off HTC just yet. Deal?

Via [Bloomberg]

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  • Nick V

    This is similar to the tech used in the new Canon D70, an incredible DSLR