So can we drive with Google Glass?

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This past week was the trial of the driver who was given a ticket for driving with Google Glass. And while it might not seem like the most pivotal case, it did bring a lot of things into question. With wearable technology evolving, where does the law need to intervene? With new technological advancements, there’s always the lingering question of “What can people do in the car?” First it was phone calls and then it was texting and now it’s smart glasses. Specifically, should people be allowed to drive with Google Glass?

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A San Diego driver, Cecilia Abadie, set out to answer this question when she fought a ticket she was given for wearing Google Glass while driving. Well, luckily for Cecilia, the judge ruled in her favor on Thursday and dismissed the charge of “driving with monitor visible to driver (Google Glass).”

Cecilia’s defense was that her Google Glass was not even on, but the police officer repeatedly told Cecilia that it was blocking her view.

However, the court did not dismiss the charges because Cecilia was not using her Google Glass. Instead, the court cleared the charges because the court had no way of proving that she was actively using the device while driving.

So of course this doesn’t give us very many answers when it comes to whether or not we will be allowed to drive with Google Glass. Although, Google Glass is not exactly available to consumers yet, it will be soon and this is something that needs guidance.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has already proposed banning Google Glass for New York drivers. He says Google Glass is an “extremely dangerous technology” and he has proposed a bill to outlaw everyone from wearing it while driving.

What do you guys think? Should Google Glass be outlawed for all drivers?

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