Motorola Discounts Bamboo Moto X, Additional Wood Finishes Coming January 21

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moto-x-woodLook at that, Motorola is truly playing all of its cards right in an attempt to once again swim with the mobile market’s big fishes. Which seems like a mere matter of time if the Google-owned company keeps up the solid software support, discounts and special offers.

As the latest in a long string of Moto X promotions, the snazzy, optional bamboo backing has just seen its price slashed due to the “streamlining” of the OEM’s processes. As such, future adopters of the wood-covered X will be asked to cough up a measly $25 for the privilege of owning a truly unique device.

Meaning on the whole, the bamboo Moto X now starts at $424 outright and contract-free. Huzzah!

But wait, there’s more. More good news, that is. To appease impatient folks who grabbed the woody Moto X early, paying through their nose ($100 instead of $25), Motorola extends these an olive branch in the form of a $75 coupon code valid for accessory purchases made on of at least $75 before taxes. Google Chromecast not included.

Really nice of them, huh? And the cherry on top is, beginning Tuesday January 21, ebony, walnut and teak back cover finishes will join bamboo in the natural materials section of the Moto Maker customization online tool. Each new manufacturing option is to cost 25 clams right off the bat, so anyone looking to stand out from the crowd knows what to do.

Via [Phone Arena]

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