WhatsApp now sends and receives 54 billion messages everyday

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WhatsApp now sends receives 54 billion messages everyday

Perhaps one of the most successful mobile messaging app today is Whatsapp. We’ve seen the app grow and introduce new changes like Push to Talk voice messaging, a BlackBerry version, and even the not so good news of it breaking privacy laws. But still, the app continues to grow and now it handles about 54 billion messages everyday. The information was shared but the company’s CEO at a conference in Germany.

The cross-platform messaging mobile app handles about 18 billion inbound messages and 36 billion outbound texts. The numbers are impressive that they might be more than the total number of SMS messages being sent and received around the world everyday according to Benedict Evans–a mobile analyst. That’s not surprising though as WhatsApp currently has 430 million active users– me included in the lot.

You may remember that Google was rumored to offer WhatsApp $1 billion. No transaction pushed through but that could change if the price is higher. What do you think?

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