Apple ‘likely’ to launch 4.7-inch new iPhone in June, 5.7-incher later in 2014

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iPhone 6 conceptIt’s no secret anymore the mobile market’s “bigger is better” trend is to materialize in one or several phablet-sized Apple iPhones by the end of 2014, but the crucial questions remain “when” and “how big”. As in when is Cupertino to bring said iPhone(s) to light, and exactly how big will they (it) be?

According to Chinese analyst and pundit Sun Chyang Xu, whose reputation precedes him, the first iPhone 6 model may enter production in May and break cover in June, during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

As it’s been suggested before, the Fortune 500 top ten listed company won’t take a huge gamble at first, rolling the iPhone 6 out with a 4.7-inch screen which would put it right on the border between phones and phablets.

However, if everything goes as planned, and the public is to respond positively to a 0.7 inch larger iPhone than last fall’s 5C/5S duo, an iPhone 6S, or maybe full-on iPhone 7, shall go official in time for the holiday season with, get this, a 5.7-inch panel.

That’s smack-dab in phablet territory, and it’s also a 1.7 inch, or 42% size increase compared with the 5C and 5S. Sounds a little crazy and out there for always prudent Apple, but hey, their market share is dwindling and so a pace shift and a couple of risks may well be on the cards.

Via [Unwired View], [Tencent]

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