New Fujifilm X-Mount Camera to be Announced this January 28

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fujifilm x mount camera teaser january 28

Earlier this year, Fujifilm announced the black X100S 50x superzoon Finepix S1 camera at the CES. We also learned that five new cameras are due this March. One of which could be this camera currently being teased by Fujifilm. A January 28 official announcement can be expected but we have very little details.

Another X-mount camera to join the line is also expected to finally sell. The X-mount cameras aren’t really popular in the market but this one with better and quicker manual controls could nail it.

Rumor has it that this will have a a weather-sealed body possibly to rival the Nikon Df. We’ll see about that just before the month ends. Impress us, Fujifilm.

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