LG Display to Manufacture Plastic OLED for Apple’s iWatch?

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Smartwatch technology is expected to be even bigger this year. We’ve seen a number already. We can’t decide too if it’s hot or not. You may not admit it but Apple somehow “invented” it able it unofficially with the iPod Nano which people turned into an iPod Watch.

Aside from iWatch concepts, we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors too that an actual iWatch is in the works and will be released in the market this 2014. Now we’re almost sure that a report in South Korea mentioned that LG Display would be making displays for the iWatch. A mass production happening anytime between July to September could be expected this 2014. About 2 million units would be produced initially for Apple.

The said iWatch glass by LG would be 1.52-inches and would be Plastic OLED (P-OLED)– could be curved too.

The exclusive deal between Apple and LG have yet to be announced and confirmed but has since pulled the story. (Why take it down?)

If Apple releases an iWatch, will it be successful as the iPhone or the iPad? Your thoughts?

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