3D printing is amazeballs: 3D-printed babies, enabling the disabled, dental work and more

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Here’s what’s hot in the world of 3D printing today:


Image via 3D Babies

Oh baby. Want a 3D print of that fetus you’re carrying around? Here’s something kinda creepy for your home decor from a company called 3D Babies.

Enabling the disabled. Disabled students at a British college are using 3D printing to design gadgets that make their lives easier.

For your mouth. How about 3D-printed dental implants and fillings?

Miniatures. A new service blowing up on Kickstarter 3D-prints tabletop miniatures of your favorite game characters.

Give them a hand. A $100 3D-printed arm is providing hope to 50,000 Sudanese war amputees. Meanwhile, University of Toronto lab Critical Making has developed 3D-printed sockets for prosthetic limbs, and is sending them to Uganda.

I 3Do. Stick 3D selfie models of you and your beloved on top of your wedding cake!

Think on it. One of what surely will be an endless stream of think pieces about 3D printing this year: The Conversation asks, “What price our fascination with cheaper 3D printing?”

Just ducky. A 3D-printed prosthetic limb helps a one-legged duck waddle again after he suffered a vicious attack.

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