Nest CEO Tony Fadell says privacy policy won’t change after Google takeover

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 Tony Fadell

So Nest would be acquired by Google. The $3.2billion deal is almost final and we just heard from Nest CEO himself that there won’t be any major changes in privacy. Tony Fadell shares that with Google‘s takeover, they will be transparent if there will be changes or not. So far, there are no changes current Nest users have nothing to worry about.

He shared this in an interview at the DLD Conference happening in Munich, Germany:


“The amount of things that I learned from them (Larry Page and other Google execs), personally, in the same meetings that they learned from me, personally…the two way interchange of what was for me intellectual happiness and the stimulation of being able to go back and forth, and really create a new world together – and in a different way than either of us had imagined – that was personally exciting to me.”

You may watch video of the interview below:

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