Keep Mobile Devices at Peak with DU Speed Booster Cleaner

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Smartphones and tablets are not unlike laptops and desktops, in that they too tend to slow down after time. But the big difference is that mobile devices don’t have the same muscle as a full-fledged system, so the effects can be much more noticeable.

If you feel plagued by this, then you might consider an app or two to help streamline and optimize your device’s performance. The creators of the DU Battery Saver app have recently announced the huge success of their DU Speed Booster app. It’s hard to argue against reaching more than a million downloads per month since release.

The DU Speed Booster app gives users a few different controls at their disposal. The app includes a trash cleaning feature, which gets rid of saved information from web browsing, history, and apps. These bits of data pile up over time, so it’s good to flush them out periodically.

Du-Speed-Booster-appUsers can also press one button to fully optimize their device and make it run smoother. Even though programs are closed or not in use, they can linger in memory and affect performance until a reboot or optimization. DU Speed Booster also has a built-in app manager that lets apps be moved over to the SD card instead of remaining in the smartphone or tablet memory space.

Just note that the app-to-SD doesn’t work with all devices (it’s prohibited on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, no matter the app program).

But what really sets the DU Speed Booster apart is the Game Booster option. When activated, it will scan your device for compatible games to automatically boost. You can also individually select game titles for those that aren’t part of the default list. A 25% boost in frame rates isn’t a big deal in some games, but it is for ones that I play (i.e. Heroes of Order and Chaos).

I can’t visually determine a percentage boost of frame rates for my Android games, but I can say that I did indeed notice a difference when I went back and forth testing it out with DU Speed Booster.

If you’re looking for a package app to help manage your devices and eek out the best performance you can get, check out DU Speed Booster. It’s a free download from the Google Play store. You can also get their DU Battery Saver app for free, which is a useful and informative app too.

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