Battery saving tips for iOS 7

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Most readers of this site are probably power users, and you’re familiar with the ins and outs of settings to keep your battery running all day. I tend to take my knowledge for granted until I run into a client who isn’t as tech savvy as I am.

In a recent meeting, my client complained that her iPhone battery was running down very quickly (as in a matter of a few hours). She’d been to the Apple Store, and they told her she needed a new phone. Since her phone was only a few months old, she wasn’t happy with the advice.

Fortunately, I was able to show her a few battery saving tips, and this might be a good post to send to your less tech-savvy friends and family.

I’d already noticed that her screen never went blank. It would be nice if Apple would label the setting as “Screen Blank” instead of “Auto Lock,” but that’s the one they want. As you can see, there are several options, including “Never.” Guess what hers was set to? The screen is the single biggest power drain on a phone, so leaving it on all the time is going to drain a battery quickly.

battery saving tips

The next thing I noticed was that her Location Services arrow wasn’t turning off. Of course you’d expect it to be running when you’re actively using an app that requires it, but we weren’t using any apps. We were just on the Home Screen. I opened up Settings again and saw that nothing was amiss. Apps that had good reason to use it (like Maps) were allowed, and apps that didn’t weren’t.

Then I thought about running apps. So I did a quick double tap of the Home Screen and noticed that every app she’d ever used was open and running. I showed her how to close them, and after we closed all of them, the Location Services arrow disappeared and didn’t come back.

I also checked her Bluetooth, which was off. However, not everyone knows that Bluetooth is automatically turned on after an operating system upgrade. Let your friends and family know to turn that off after iOS updates. Leaving Bluetooth on all the time is another drain.

Anyone want to share their favorite battery saving tip?

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