Pocket Drone, Named as the GoPro of Flying Copters

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At CES 2014, robots were a pretty big deal, attracting large crowds of people. While the terrestrial ones were cool, it was the flying kind that got lots of attention. Parrot, especially, had grownups flocking around to ooh and ahh at their live demonstrations each hour.

There were other multi-rotor drones as well, larger ones that had built-in cameras for surveillance or recording. But the price? Woof. You’d need a bit of pocket change for those.

Just because those ones are bigger and more expensive, it doesn’t mean you’re totally out of luck. On Kickstarter, the Pocket Drone project is well under way, overfunded, and has over a month left to go!

Pocket Drone CopterThe Pocket Drone addresses two main criticisms of many other flying robots available: power, and size. The team behind the project is ready to make this drone that is small enough to bring just about anywhere, yet powerful enough to carry a camera for recording.

Users will be able to choose how they want to pilot the drone, be it with the included controller, a radio controller of their own, or even an Android smartphone or tablet. It’s guaranteed ready-to-fly right out of the box, with only a 20-second setup. Impressive? I’d say so.

The software is going to be kept open-source, allowing users to hack and customize to their heart’s content. Low injury, less noise, GPS flight planning, and inexpensive maintenance and repairs? It’s no wonder why the popularity of the Pocket Drone has shot through the roof.

Even if you’re not interested enough to pledge for one of your own, the Pocket Drone Kickstarter project is worth a look. This is where a lot of current tech is going to be heading for the rest of the year.


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