Google May Move Away from Nexus 7 Tabs, Bring Forth Intel-Powered Nexus 8

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nexus-7-backThere’s no question the first-gen Nexus 7 was a game-changer for the tablet market as a whole, pushing numerous OEMs to follow Google’s suit in both size and pricing, but the follow-up, dubbed simply Nexus 7 2013, apparently failed to capitalize on this newfound popularity.

It’s exactly the increased competitiveness of the niche, commanded by the 2012 N7, that hurt the 2013 model, whose demand is deemed “weaker than expected” by industry sources. As such, it’s only natural to anticipate a strategy shift of sorts from Google.

Will it entail even more drastic price cuts? Unlikely, as N7’s profit margins are already as slim as they can be. Maybe a size boost? Probably, though not as severe as you might think. So no, Big G isn’t prepared to gamble on fresh Nexus 10 variants.

Instead, rumor has it an N8 is in the works, with Asus the prime candidate for the co-manufacturing spot again. An extension of the partnership between the two should take no one by surprise, but maybe this will: Google is thinking about packing the Nexus 8 with Intel Bay Trail oomph.

You know, the quad-core chips that have so far made their way to the market exclusively inside Windows-running slates (Dell Venue 8 Pro, Acer Iconia W4, Toshiba Encore, HP Omni 10, etc., etc.). Their advantages over Nvidia or Qualcomm-built CPUs include massive battery savings, however be sure to treat the story with caution, as it comes from an online publication with a, let’s call it mixed, track record.

Via [Digitimes]

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