Beats Music launches today; Should Spotify be worried?

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2014 is pretty much set to be the year of the streaming wars. Spotify recently stepped up its game with unlimited, free music streaming (with ads). And just this week, they said they would tailor your music to your heartbeat! Say what?! So should they be worried about the new kid on the block? Enter Beats Music. The iOS app is already available in the Apple store, and supposedly it will be available on Google Play today as well. Beats Music is a paid subscription streaming service, but perhaps it’s so good that it’s worth it.


Let’s take a look.

Firstly, Beats Music is similar to Spotify in that it’s more of an on-demand service where users can call up specific tracks and artists. This of course differs from services such as Pandora that are non-interactive. Beats Music, however, goes a little more in depth with their playlists. The service provides playlists from celebrities, niche leaders and other influential people in the industry. This is similar to iTunes Radio with their “stations.”

The obvious problem with Beats Music is that there is no free service. While most streaming services have a paid model, they all offer a more limited free radio. Beats Music, on the other hand, is $9.95 and no questions asked.

So what makes Beats Music so special? The service also offers between 10 and 20 million songs, but it’s the easy-to-use interface and the optimum audio quality that sets it apart from the other services. Supposedly, Beats has taken its time curating the best music possible, only tagging the best versions of popular songs so you don’t get stuck with a live version or even worse, a lame cover.

So, is that worth the $9.95? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Beats Music isn’t the only new streaming service set to throw down the gauntlet in 2014. Youtube Music will also be launching a service this year, and I’m sure it will be a competitor as well.

So, Spotify, are you scared?

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