Rumor-Based Samsung Galaxy S5 Renders Pop Up, Looking Hot and Plausible

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Samsung-Galaxy-S5-render-If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, someone has to envision Samsung Galaxy S5 concept designs to help pass the time. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. But you get the point.

Since Sammy is hell-bent on keeping a tight lid on visual leaks of its future flagship… for once, a Dutch website has taken the time to depict “the next big thing”, as most of the recent rumors suggest it’ll look like. And boy, were these guys thorough.

The renders show off an incredibly slim and sleek Samsung device with razor-thin bezels, subtly rounded edges, aluminum housing and Galaxy Note 3-evocative faux leather back. The best of both worlds, metal and plastic?


Looks like it, though if you ask me, even with this alleged redesign, Samsung wouldn’t be able to edge out HTC in the aesthetics department. One little detail that seems off at these concept pics is the cyan accents at the rear’s top and bottom, albeit ultimately one may regard the contrast as distinctive rather than trashy.

Kudos to the designers for also getting the UI’s vibe right, whereas in terms of size, they apparently put their trust in the 5.25 inch speculation. If only Samsung would be looking to take some cues from these utopian sketches, eh?

Via [Samsung Galaxy S5 NL]

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  • SamsungGalaxyS5

    It was said that the Galaxy S5 would not have a home button screen, I’d change that on the concept. But it looks great

  • Samsung Galaxy S5

    I just read about the blackberry passport, witch is even cooler then the Samsung Galaxy S5