Boost Max, AKA ZTE Beast, unofficially pictured, coming soon with mid-range specs

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ZTE BeastIt looks like Boost Mobile is preparing to enrich its budget-friendly 4G LTE-enabled smartphone line-up just as ZTE eyes an intensification of its US mobile décor aura. But fret not, as the Chinese OEM ain’t bringing the mediocre Iconic Phablet stateside… just yet. Or the cringe worthy Blade Q Mini.

Instead, they’re to roll out via Boost the ZTE Beast, aka Boost Max. Big name, let’s hope it can deliver in the hardware department and earn the “Beast” moniker. So far, its specs aren’t bad (assuming it’s to cost $250 tops), as the legit-looking press shot tweeted by @evleaks reveals 4G LTE support and an 8 MP rear-facing camera with LED flash.

After doing some digging, we’ve also managed to unravel the on-board RAM (1 gig) and storage space (8 GB), which still leaves key features such as the display size and resolution, processor make and model and battery size up in the air.

No trace of Android 4.4 KitKat on the software side of things, just Jelly Bean (4.2 or 4.3), so if the Boost Max, ZTE Beast or whatever, doesn’t pull some last-minute rabbits out of the hat (Full HD screen, Snapdragon 600 or 800 CPU), the handheld may need to cost as less as $200 to not be completely ignored. Fingers crossed.

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