Cricket Unveils Waterproof $140 Kyocera Hydro Plus Android Smartphone

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hydro_plusJapan-headquartered electronics manufacturer Kyocera may still have a long way to go until breaking into the mainstream Western mobile device market, but the OEM is slowly and steadily making a name for itself in the stateside rugged niche.

Their latest effort, dubbed Hydro Plus, doesn’t quite fit the profile of your standard able-bodied handheld, yet it’s outdoorsy and cheap enough to make a few waves. Priced at $139.99 outright, the 3.5-inch Android Kyocera Hydro Plus is to roll out exclusively via Cricket Wireless before long, tackling “life’s challenges” with a water-resilient exterior.

And no, it’s not just splash-proof, as it’s good for up to 30-minute swims in three feet of H2O. Not too shabby for its price range, though you’ll need to have pretty low standards otherwise to commit to the Hydro Plus.

Running an unspecified version of Android (so likely 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich), the bulky little guy packs single-core 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon “oomph”, a modest 512 MB RAM and 8 hour-rated battery.

Its 3.5-inch screen boasts 2010-reminiscent resolution (480 x 320 pixels), there’s a cringe worthy 3.2 MP camera slapped on the handheld’s back, and pre-installed 4 GB microSD card to take care of storage business. So ultimately it’s cheap, but probably not cheap enough when MetroPCS offers the far superior Hydro XTRM at $49 after rebate contract-free.

Via [Leap Wireless]

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