Thinking about wearing Google Glass to the movies? You might be questioned by Homeland Security

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Oh, Google Glass. You have gotten people into some major trouble these past months. First, a woman is given a traffic ticket for wearing Glass while driving and now a man is interrogated by the FBI for wearing Glass while watching “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.” The only crime committed here, if you ask me, is going to see that movie! Ba dum ching!


Thanks, Gary.

So what happened? A man from Columbus wearing his Google Glass was grabbed out of an AMC theater by members from the Department of Homeland Security. This was not the first time this man donned his Glass to the movies, and he always turns off the device during the movies. He keeps them on, however, because he has integrated prescription lenses. But in a true 3D Jack Ryan movie experience, about an hour into the film, several policeman sat next to him, grabbed the Glass of his face and escorted him out of the theater.


Then started the interrogation:

“I kept telling them that I wasn’t recording anything – my Glass was off, they insisted they saw it on. I told them there would be a light coming out the little screen if Glass was on, and I could show them that, but they insisted that I cannot touch my Glass for the fear ‘I will erase the evidence against me that was on Glass’. … Then they wanted to know what does Google ask of me in exchange for Glass, how much is Google paying me, who is my boss and why am I recording the movie,” he said.

He continued:

“Eventually, after a long time somebody came with a laptop and an USB cable at which point he told me it was my last chance to come clean. …so the FBI guy finally connected my Glass to the computer, downloaded all my personal photos and started going through them one by one (although they are dated and it was obvious there was nothing on my Glass that was from the time period they accused me of recording). Then they went through my phone, and 5 minutes later they concluded I had done nothing wrong.”

Khaalid Walls, a spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement responded to the event:

“On Jan. 18, special agents with ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations and local authorities briefly interviewed a man suspected of using an electronic recording device to record a film at an AMC theater in Columbus. The man, who voluntarily answered questions, confirmed to authorities that the suspected recording device was also a pair of prescription eye glasses in which the recording function had been inactive. No further action was taken.”

Seems like a bit of an over-reaction. What do you guys think?

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