Google to expand Fiber in Provo this year

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google fiber

I am excited for Google Fiber to take over. I really need my Internet fast. While I don’t know if they will have the service offered in our area, I’m interested to know how subscribers are enjoying it. We can ask those who live in Provo as the search giant is expected to expand the super fast connection this 2014.

Provo residents are really lucky. Only a few were able to register to get the service but Google plans to expand in more areas. Initially, it’s open in three areas but more cities will follow.

If you’re a Provo resident, you can choose from either of the following:

Gigabit Internet Plan. Speed up to 100 times faster than basic broadband, $70/month

Gigabit Internet + TV Plan. Access to hundreds of TV channels, a storage box  ( 8 shows , 500 hours of HD content), ultrafast Internet connection, $120/month.

The Free Internet Plan. Basic broadband speeds (up to 5Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload) for a one-time, $30 installation fee, no monthly cost

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