Huawei settled with Rockstar patent group

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I can’t decide who’s the real “rockstar” in the mobile industry but Rockstar is determined to fight other companies. The Rockstar patent group has filed a patent case against several Android OEMs. Google is included in the lot but just recently, Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei filed a motion for Rockstar to exclude them. Huawei simply wants Rockstar to dismiss the infringement claims related to UI and networking.

What Huawei did was simple: settled instead of fighting the Rockstar consortium of Apple, BlackBerry, Microsoft, Sony, and Ericsson. By paying, Huawei can use the patents freely without having to worry of patent infringements.

Huawei didn’t fight hard and just settle. That leaves only Google, ZTE, Pantech, Asus, LG, HTC, and Samsung now fighting against Rockstar. Let’s see who will follow.

< Source: FOSSPatents >

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