Apple not working on a new plastic iPhone

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It’s a new year which means Apple will reveal a new iPhone model. We can expect a summer announcement as usual. Last year, Apple surprised the mobile industry by coming up with two iPhones at the same time. A high-end iPhone 5S and the other one, a plastic low-end iPhone 5C. Others are joking that the C in 5C is cheap. The phone is affordable alright it even got me to think about finally replacing my iPhone 4. This year though, Apple won’t be releasing a plastic iPhone. This is according to a report by WSJ who also said that two large-screen iPhone 6 models will be unveiled instead.

So Apple is entering the phablet game? Looks like it. It’s not an iPad mini nor an iPad but definitely bigger than an iPhone with 4.5-inches of screen size. Another one with 5-inches is also expected to be launched.

Apple won’t confirm these information yet but we believe that the Cupertino company won’t be making plastic iPhones. I’m sure Apple has already learned that plastic isn’t a good material for their precious iPhone.

And oh, we’re not sure about the iPhone 6 name but following Apple’s naming convention, a 5S will be followed by a 6, then 6S, then 7 and so on. Let’s wait and see.

< Source: WSJ >

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