LG G Pro 2 Expected at MWC with 6-inch FHD Display and 3 GB RAM

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lg-optimus-g-proNo LG G3 in the first half of 2014? That’s too bad, and it could do quite the damage to the OEM’s chances of disputing Samsung’s “reign of terror”. But fret not, you Android speed junkies always looking for something new, as LG still plans to roll out a flagship device before long.

Enter the G Pro 2 (not the best name in the business), which rumor has it will swing by Barcelona, Spain next month for a glitzy MWC introduction. Like [easyazon-link asin=”B00EZW9UXW” locale=”us”]its predecessor[/easyazon-link], the big guy intends to make waves with, well, the fact it’s such a big guy, now sporting a beastly 6-inch screen.

Too large? Some think there’s no such thing. Besides, have you seen Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra? Now that’s a big phone.

Anyhoo, assuming you’re not fazed by its size, you’ll definitely go over the moon about the phablet’s hardware. Snapdragon 800 CPU, 3 GB RAM, Full HD resolution and, presumably, a hefty battery of at least 3,500 mAh to help keep the lights on.

Sounds positively dreamy… for a month or two, but then the onslaught of Quad HD res, S805-toting handhelds shall begin. Maybe even earlier, as Samsung’s Galaxy S5 could debut essentially at the same time as the LG G Pro 2: in late February. Bottom line, LG had better rethink G3’s timing.

Via [ET News]

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