Sony to unveil the ‘slimmest’ Playstation

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slim Sony Playstation

The Sony Playstation 4 seems to be a success that the company is following up another version. It’s more of a very slim version and not necessarily with different specs. A teaser was recently spotted showing what could be the “slimmest” Playstation. Others are saying it’s just the UK launch of the Vita Playstation TV.

The product in question could also be a new Vita but we’re not really sure. We just know it will be the slimmest in the history of Sony Playstation.

Right now, what Sony have is the slim Vita TV that’s only 13.6mm thin thick. So will it be the Vita TV or a slim PS4? We’ll see soon enough. Be there at the UK event if you want.

< Source: Engadget >

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