PSA: AT&T LG G Flex Now Up for Pre-Orders at $300, Shipping February 4

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LG G FlexLike clockwork, AT&T has earlier today opened LG G Flex pre-orders, though America’s second largest wireless carrier won’t apparently be able to undermine the curvy handheld’s launch on Sprint. The Now Network, whose pre-orders began a little earlier, is to kick shipping into gear on January 31, four days earlier than Ma Bell.

The two service providers are tied in the pricing department, as their respective G Flex models cost $299.99 each, so if you’re in a hurry, you know who to pick. Otherwise, be sure to consider their coverage and plans before making your decision.

Maybe also take a gander at alternative payment methods, such as AT&T’s Next. Instead of plunking down 300 clams upfront and being tied up to a 24-month contract, Next lets you pay $34.75 monthly for a year, or $26.73 every 30 days for 26 months.

Finally, there’s also the no-contract, no-installment option, where the coughing up of a whopping $694.99 right off the bat gets you on the curved display smartphone bandwagon.

Remember, the G Flex is a one-of-a-kind (okay, maybe two-of-a-kind) device, looking ahead of the curve and offering “self-healing” features for unintentional scratches and bruises. Too bad it’s got such a low-res screen, at just 720p, eh? Not so vexed by the resolution compromise? Then remember the date: February 4.

Via [AT&T]

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