Beat hackers with biometric tapping security for mobile

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AuthenWare LogoBy now, I’m sure that most of us have heard about the Target data breach. It’s also been warned/predicted that there will be more of these types of hacks to come. A little more than a month ago, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook had millions of account passwords stolen too. Safeguarding personal information is more important than ever.

Manufacturers and consumers both are always looking for new ways to secure devices and accounts. From the fingerprint scanning feature on the Apple iPhone 5S to embedding RFID chips under one’s skin, people will go through great lengths for personal protection.

But if you little and less love for iPhones or needles, you now have a different type of biometric authentication for mobile devices. No passwords. All you need to do is tap a tune.

If you visit the AuthenWare website, you can see how one of their security solutions lets users biometrically secure Google accounts. Instead of having your account password being an actual password, your typing rhythm becomes the password instead.

The company has taken this same principle and have applied it to mobile security. All you need to do is tap out a tune to gain access to your accounts – no more typing user IDs or passwords.

Think about it a moment, and the genius of it will dawn on you. How many complex, 16+ character passwords can a typical person remember? Some? Now, how many songs/tunes do we all have stored in memory (whether we want to hear it or not)?

AuthenWare lets users register their mobile devices and set up the tapping validation. This method of biometric security ends up being ultra secure. In order to gain unauthorized access to your account, a hacker would have to acquire your device, guess your song, guess the exact part of the song, and then perform the taps with your unique rhythm. Their high-tech, brute-force power-computers are of no help to them here.

Find more information about AuthenWare, the app, and their services from their website. Who says biometric security has to be boring or difficult?

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  • simon

    satellites are tracking my computers and my cell phone and following my every movement how can i beat this

  • Stanley Goodner

    Have Joel Schumacher cast you as the Boy Wonder in a Batman movie, and you’ll disappear off the radar for about a decade. That’s my professional advice.

  • John

    Neurologix Security Inc, has had this technology for a long time, they even showed it to major companies in Europe a year ago